Adding new text types in SAP CRM


Click on the below view ‘SRQM_INCIDENT_H/IncidentHeaderEF’.


Go to the context node:


Right click on context node and click ‘create’. A pop-up window generates for creating the context nodes.


Specify the name of the text type and model node as ‘BTText’ in the ‘DEFINE CONTEXT NODE’ option and proceed till complete and finish the process of creating a context node for the text type.


The new node added will be shown as below in the “CONTEXT NODES”

STEP 10:

Now click on the implementation class of the newly context node added:

STEP 11:

Add the method ‘ON_NEW_FOCUS’ which is an event handler that triggers the context node ‘ZTEXTSUCCESSFACTORE’ of text type ‘ZTM8’.

STEP 12:

Click on the detail view of the on_new_focus and make it as an event handler by including the below standard class ‘CL_BSP_WD_COLLLECTION_WRAPPER’ and method ‘NEW_FOCUS’. Tick the option ‘EVENT HANDLER FOR’ AND SAVE IT.

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