SAP BI Role upload to portal


After the Import / upload process is done, please refer to the log file created on the portal for more details, there should be no Errors while the import process, so all objects as the role, iviews, worksets are correctly created on the PCD temp folder (migrated content).    

This shows that all BI menu role and assigned reports and workbooks for example are successfully created on the temp folder as portal role and iViews, this is as green or yellow messages are fine in most cases.  


The created PCD objects can all be found on this portal content folder, iViews, Roles, Worksets.

The objects can be then checked for naming prefix since this is added to the technical name of all objects as given by the upload process.  

If the new names of the imported objects are not correct or as it should be, these can be also easily changed as the following,

Select the iView for example you want to modify the name and right mouse click, and then select please the following action: Change ID and then you can modify the Prefix and name but this is only when required.



Modify the name and save your changes.


Now you can cut and paste the new imported objects to the PCD folder as required.

Please make sure to not to delete any objects unless you are sure, that these are all correctly imported to the PCD.  

Please always check the Portal roles, worksets and iviews on Dev and make sure all changes or added objects are correctly added before transporting any modified content from the development portal to the next portal.


Please send us your feedback/suggestions at webmaster@SAPTechnical.COM 

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