Basics of Enterprise Portal development using Java


Click on your project to create PAR file. 


Click next. 

Give the PAR file name and password for the portal to login. Check the checkbox Deploy PAR to upload. You can also check the box Include source code of portal application. 


Click Finish to begin the upload. 

2.4          Run the project

To run and check the project.

Go to project explorer window 

Click on

Dist -> PORTAL-INF -> portalapp.xml

Now u can see the Run button beside the component you created. Click and run. Enter portal user id and password if asked for. 


Your application runs.

You can see the output  in browser window.

First portal application project demo

3           Creating iView, Page and Role on EP

We will use the project we just uploaded in to EP to create iView, page and roles on the portal

3.1          Working with iView

IView is smallest unit of display in a portal. It can represent sap or non-sap application. 

3.1.1          Open the Enterprise Portal

Log in to the Enterprise Portal. Home Page is displayed.

Now we will create our own folder on EP to keep everything at one place.

Click on Content Administration tab. 

Go to Content Administration -> Portal Content  and right click ->New ->Folder. 


3.1.2          Creation of Folder

Give the folder name and id. Then click on Finish button. 


Then click on finish button.

Click here to continue....


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