Viewing the solution manager documents on ESS or on web by deploying the same as a link


Now another important thing of consideration is that the ESS or HTML page user can ‘SEE’ the user name and password in the hyperlink properties and it is unsafe: 


Now, we have to hide the user name and password from the link. We can easily achieve this by converting the username and password part of the link into hex codes. On google or any web search engine, search for ascii to hex converter. One link, which I found, was: 


In the ASCII box I put my user name and password part of the link and press the ASCII to Hex button: 


Hence I get the HEX code of the username and password portion of the link separated by colons: 


I take this hexcode and put % sign in place of colon at every place and put a % before the first character. Hence my hex code, which was: 


Now becomes: 


Now I add this generated hex code to my link which I generated from the attributes of the document in solution manager. My generated link was: 


Now it becomes:  


When I click on this hex converted link, it works correctly and opens my document stored in Solution manager in web browser: 


Hence this way, we can hide the user name and password from the hyperlink and deploy the link of any solution manager document on to an ESS page or html page. 

So, all set and done!!

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