Create and Export Transport Request in Enterprise Portals


Click on Export  


System will generate an EPA file name with given details and date/time stamp in it.  

Click on Start Export to generate package.  


By default the EPA file will be generated in Application server under below path:



Click on Download file link to download generated EPA file to Local system  



Login to Destination portal system in which the transport package to be imported  

Click on System Administration and select Transport tab  


Drill down the Transport Packages in Left pane and click Import  

Select Server if the package is available in destination portal server under below path: \\hostname\sapmnt\HCD\sys\global\pcd\Import  

Otherwise simply select Client radio button and browse the EPA file from Local system  


Click upload to load contents  


Make sure to select All for “Content to be overwritten” and click Import to start import process  



Check the Status after import.

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