Running multiple versions of NWDS in one PC


Steps for new NWDS set up:

Version: NetWeaver '04s Developer Studio (Eg: 7.0.14)

1.       Once you have completed your installation for new version of NWDS, you will need to do some setting on the system.

2.       First change the Shortcut of NWDS just for identification.

3.       Create a folder for” Workspace” to store all Local projects (E.g: D:\NW Workspace\NW4S)

4.       Then right click on the shortcut link and append the workspace path in the “Target” field (Eg: -data "D:\NW Workspace\NW4S).


5.       Now we have to create a location to store all DCs in the .dtc environment. This path normally will be in the location of user login (E.g D:\Documents and Settings\s.kasinathan)

6.       In this location we have create a folder to store the DCs. (E.g: D:\Documents and Settings\s.kasinathan\NW4S)

7.       Go to the “Workspace” location and create a file with this name (pref_store.ini) in the following locations. First time this file will not exist in the location.

8.       Now we have to make an entry for accessing Development configuration (NWDI) to check out code from the corresponding Development tracks.

9.       Open the pref_store.ini file make an entry as followed in the screen shot.

10.   We need to append the folder name(.dtc) in the end of “configPoolRoot” path

Now open your NEW version NWDS and check whether the root folder and NWDI server setups are in the correct root.


Now the NWDS set up is available to work with new and old versions.


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