Step by step procedure to enhance the BP using BDT


Step 3:

Create New Dataset for the application:

 BUPT->Business Partner->Control->DATASET / t-code(BUS23)

Click on the new entries


Step 4:

Create field groups as required:

BUPT->Business Partner->Control->Screen Layout->Field Group / t-code (BUS2)

Assign the fields to the field group

Select the field group and click on the field group->fields

Step 5:

Create view:

BUPT->Business Partner->Control->Screen Layout->View/ t-code (BUS3)

Click on new entries

Assign your Application and the dataset, as here ZT_E and the differentiation type as 0

As given in the below screen shot and in the screen configuration section select DATA Screen.

Assign the field groups to the views:  

Step 6:

Create section

Go to BUPT->Business Partner->Control->Screen Layout->Section/ t-code (BUS4)

Click on new entries and create the section

Assign View to the section:  

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