Sending Payment Advice to Multiple E-Mails Ids and Changing Subject line of payment advice using BTEs


Note– With the above code Payment advice is sent through E-Mail only, if both E-Mail and Fax is maintained for a vendor in vendor master then E-Mail will be given first preference.

Go to transaction SO10.

In the source code of the function module for the parameter namep it is maintain as ‘PAYMENT ADVICE’, So standard text needs to be created by 'Payment advice' in order to call the E-mail body.

c_finaa-namep 'PAYMENT ADVICE'.

By clearing Payments through F110 transaction code then the payment advices will be sent to Vendor and also to the id maintained in the function module.

Checking E-Mails through SOST

This confirms Payment Advice is sent to 2 email ids simultaneously.

E-Mail Body

Step-2 Implementing BTE-2050 to change Payment Advice subject line

Before Implementing in SOST Subject line of Payment Advice -

After Implementing BTE-2050

Follow the same steps to create product and process module same as BTE-2040.

Create the product and Process Module

Copy function module SAMPLE_PROCESS_00002050 to ZSAMPLE_PROCESS_00002050.

Source Code in the Function Module –

*"*"Local Interface:

DATAlv_date(10type c,
      lv_Subline type string.

lv_date C_ITCPO-TDTITLE+25(10).

Concatenate 'Payment Advice from XXXXX' “ Added XXXXX to the subject line
       into lv_Subline
  separated by space.



After clearing payments through F110 in SOST E-mails will be with added subject line.

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