Adding Explicit Enhancement to custom program

By Rohit Ranka, StraVis IT Solutions


Enhancement Framework is the new paradigm to bring all enhancement techniques under one roof. It can also be switched using Switch Framework. The following are different enhancement technologies available under this framework.

• Source Code Enhancement

• Function Group Enhancement

• Class Enhancement

• Kernel-BADI Enhancement

Source Code enhancement

Whenever enhancement needs to be incorporated directly into the ABAP source code, this technology shall be provided. Implementing this technology is also called as Source Code Plug-In. There are two types of Source Code enhancements possible.

Implicit enhancement option

Explicit enhancement option

Explicit enhancement option

As implicit enhancements are predefined enhancements provided by SAP in the source code, the explicit enhancements can be implemented by the customers or partners.

There are two types of Explicit Enhancement options available. For this, we now have two new ABAP statements, viz.

1. Enhancement point (Syntax - ENHANCEMENT-POINT)
2. Enhancement section (Syntax - ENHANCEMENT-SECTION)

Enhancement section is used to replace a set of code or statements with the customer (custom code). In this technique the original source code does not get executed but, the customer implementation (custom code) gets executed.

Note - Explicit enhancements though can be placed anywhere in the source code but, not just anywhere except some areas where SAP would allow (program allows).

STEP 1: Create a package in transaction SE80 (Object navigator) Name YDEV


STEP 2: Navigate to 'Enhancements' folder of your package. Package (YDEVàEnhancement.

   Right click the 'Enhancements' à 'Create' à 'Enhancement Spot'.

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\enteg12\Desktop\ppp\101.JPG

Fill in the details in the 'Create Enhancement Spot' dialog.

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\enteg12\Desktop\ppp\102.JPG

And save it into created package. Observe the enhancement spot created under the 'Enhancement Spots' folder.

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\enteg12\Desktop\ppp\ppp1\2.JPG

STEP 3:  'Right Click' the spot created and 'Implement' it (Create an Implementation).

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\enteg12\Desktop\ppp\104.JPG

Fill in all the details in the 'Create Enhancement Implementation' dialog.

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\enteg12\Desktop\ppp\105.JPG

STEP 4: Now, we need to 'Activate' the enhancement spot. In addition with the Enhancement spot the 'Enhancement Implementation' will get activated.

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\enteg12\Desktop\ppp\106.JPG

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