Adding Explicit Enhancement to custom program


STEP 5:  Here we are applying enhancements to a CUSTOM program not a standard program to demonstrate the functionality. So we create a simple program 'YDEV_CODE' (say) it is retrieving records from the database table 'VBAK' (Sales Document Header) and displaying a few records.

Now, if the customer wants to replace the set of logic with his own logic (say) like retrieving records from database table 'VBAP' (Sales Document Item) and then display a few records, he/she will create an enhancement section which goes like,

Create a program YDEV_CODE.  

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\enteg12\Desktop\ppp\107.JPG


Description: C:\Documents and Settings\enteg12\Desktop\ppp\108.JPG

STEP 6: Right click the area which is appropriate to apply the enhancement

Note - Explicit enhancements though can be placed anywhere in the source code but, not just anywhere except some areas where SAP would allow (program allows). 

Description: C:\Documents and Settings\enteg12\Desktop\ppp\109.JPG

àNow, in the 'Create Enhancement Option' fill in the details, here fill the name under 'Enhancement-section' only. Then fill in the Enhancement Spot Implementation Name which we created earlier.

Now we are able to see program lines have Enhancement-Section…End Enhancement-Section.

Note - Make sure that the code which has to be replaced is within the 'ENHANCEMENT-SECTION...' and 'END-ENHANCEMENT-SECTION'.

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