Add new parameters and enhance source code of standard Function Module


Steps to Enhance Global Data

1.     Now to add new global variables, go to menu Gotoà Global data.


2.     An include file will be opened. Click on enhance button . Now select menu Edità Enhancement Operationsà Show Implicit Enhancement Option.  


3.     First click anywhere on """""""" line and then right click on same line. Go to Enhancement Implementation à create Implementation.  


4.     Create Enhancement Implementation and save it.  


5.     Write your custom code in enhancement 1. Save and activate it.


Steps to Enhance Source Code  

1.     Now we have to enhance the source code to populate values in our export & table parameters. Go to source code click on enhance . Select menu Edità Enhancement Operationsà Show Implicit Enhancement Option.  

2.     Go to last line of function module. Before ENDFUNCTION statement you will see the available implicit enhancement. Implement custom enhancement by clicking right click and selecting Enhancement Implementation à create Implementation.  

3.     You will get a pop-up like below. Choose option Code.  


4.     Create new implementation.  


5.     Write down custom code, save and activate the implementation.  


Run the Function module.

You will see the newly added parameters in Export & Tables.


·         All parameters which you add in IMPORT/EXPORT/TABLE must be optional. This will not affect existing objects which are using function module.  

·         SAP doesn’t support this function level enhancement to all standard function modules. There are some FM in central repository which never be enhanced like FM ‘POPUP_TO_CONFIRM’.

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