Step by Step guide on BADI with Filter implementation


Select the data element from the list to set up your filter and hit enter.

Click on the save button and active the BADI definition.

If a BADI implementation already exists then the system will try to adjust the implementations since the definition of the BADI has been changed (This step will be required only if you have not deactivated the implementations as explained in the first step).

Click on the continue button.

Click on continue to proceed

Now to ensure that the interface parameters have been adjusted by the system click on the interface tab and then double click on any method to see the list of parameters.

As seen from the above screen the system has added a new parameter. You can now use this filter in the code to trigger your logic conditionally.

Similarly it will also adjust the other methods defined in the interface. Since in the implementation part the BADI interface is used the changed done in the parameters are bydefault reflected in the BADI implementation as well.

Lets go to the implementation part and see the details.


The system will display all the implementation if it has more than one implementation.

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