Step by Step guide on BADI with Filter implementation


Select the first implementation and click on the continue button.

Now click on the ATTRIBUTES tab to see the difference.

You will notice that now the implementation is capable of adding filters for the user names. You can click on the INSERT ROW button to add any new filters.  

And as you can see from the screen shot below the new parameter list is automatically available in the implementation part.

Now lets use this filter type and make changes to the program.

We have introduced a new CHECK condition to query and check the value of the filter during runtime. Click on the save and activate the method.

Return to the initial screen of the implementation and define a filter value by clicking on the INSERT ROW button under the filter section. The filter value acts like a condition. Only if, during the runtime the filter value matches the method will get executed.

Once done click on save and activate the implementation.

Similarly add filter to the other implementation and save and activate.

Click here to continue...

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