Step by Step guide on BADI with Filter implementation


As seen from the above we have used a different user name in the other implementation. So this means that the first implementations will execute for user SAPUSER and the second implementation will be executed for the other user SAPUSER1. This is the main functionality of the Filters in the BADI’s you can control when a BADI should be triggered in the system.

We need to make changes to the program in order to reflect the newly created filter.

Comment the existing call of the instance method and Call the instance method again using the PATTERN.

As seen above the second call to the method has the additional filter parameters FLT_VAL.

Pass appropriate values to the parameters and once done with changes save it and activate the program for testing.

Before testing place a breakpoint on each of the implementations to see which one gets triggered in what sequence.

Execute the program and check if its stops at the breakpoint.

As seen from above it triggers the first IMPLEMENTATION of the BADI the reason being we passed the filter value SAPUSER and we defined the filter value as SAPUSER in the implementation screen. So since these two values match the system triggered the first implementation and the execution stops at breakpoint place in the method.

Now since we are using the filter value passed by the program and as the above check fails the execution will come out without executing.

now if you hit F7 to proceed to the next execution you will notice that the execution has returned back to the program.

The simple reason being the second implementation filter check failed. That means that we are passing the filter value SAPUSER from the program and inside the Implementation we have added the filter as user SAPUSER1. So since the filter value does not match the system does not trigger the second BADI implementation and hence there is no output.

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