Extend the standard SAP IMG Implementation Guide


7.     You can now create the new nodes/activity at the same level or as sub-node. Go to the level you want to insert your customizing entry by using . Click button ‘Insert Structure Nodes as Sub-nodes’.

8.     Enter the text for new node.

9.     The new Node will appear as shown in below screen.

10.  Choose ‘Activity’ button  to add your entry to the level you specified and enter the text for Activity Node.

11.  Enter the details for IMG Activity ID, Name and Maintenance objects as shown in below screenshot. (optional) If you would like to add documentation to your customizing object, the tab Documentation provides the necessary option to obtain this.

12.  There are many objects types. Make sure to select ‘S’ for Maintenance View.

13.  Save Your Work. The new IMG activity is now ready to use.

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