Scenario on the combination of Transaction variant and enhancement framework


Finally enter description and save the variant.


Now go back and create a transaction code for the created transaction variant.

Click on Goto-> Create variant transaction  

Give the name and short text and press continue.  



Finally we deactivated the menu functions to restrict the further drilldowns through transaction variant.

Now we will work on implicit enhancement technique to hide the descriptions of material and vendor.

This scenario would work from ECC6.0 onwards.


In Enhancement Framework, we can add our own Code at particular points.

Note: While debugging the standard SAP program, we have to decide at which place we would need to write our own code. There we need to check whether enhancement can be implemented.

So while debugging the standard program of MEK2 i.e (SAPMV13A), it is found that code need to be written in this include MV13AKOM.

Click on display,

By debugging we will come to know that the code should be written in the form FILL_DEFAULT. So now click on the enhance button.



Now go to Edit-> Enhancement operations -> Show implicit enhancement options.  

Click here to continue..

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