Adding a field to "Sales Org View2" of MM01/MM02 (No screen exit/BaDI available)


Step7:  Now add the field WBS Element in the table standard table MVKE as shown.

Step8: Now go to layout editor of screen 2157.  

Step9: Get the WBS Element from the table MVKE.

Activate the screen.

In flow logic, add the following code in PAI. 

Activate the screen.  

Step10: Again go to SPRO, click on Define Structure of Data Screens for Each Screen Sequence as shown.  

Click on execute button. The following screen appears.

Select the screen sequence no 21  


Click on Data screen.

Now select the sale org view2 as shown.  

Now click on sub screen. The following screen will appear.  

Provide the name SAPLZMGD1 and save it.  

Step11: Now go to MM02,  

Step12: When checked at table MVKE,  

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