Step by Step guide for BADI Multiple use implementation


Click on save and activate to activate the custom BADI.

If there is any inconsistencies in the BADI definition and the interface definition the system will throw a warning message as shown below

Based on the selection the system will automatically adjust the BADI definition or interface.

In our case the system adjusted the parameters for the methods. It changed the Exporting parameter to the Changing parameters


Step 3 à Create the Implementation for the BADI. You can either go to TCode SE19 or use the menu option Implementation à Create as shown in the screen shot below.

Enter the name of the BADI implementation you wish to create and click on the continue button.

On the next screen enter a description for the implementation and click on the save button and create TP subsequently.

Click on the interface tab

And double click on the method you wish to implement in the current BADI implementation. Write the code to achieve the functionality of the method.

Click on the execute button to test the method.

On the next screen click on the Edit Interface view button or the display icon next to the ZIF_EX_MYBADI node.

Now click on the execute button against the method to execute the functionality.

Click here to continue...

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