Restricting Parked Document to Post using Business Transaction Events (BTE)


Press find button

Search for the string “OPEN_FI_PERFORM

This gives the BTE for the requirement to achieve.

Steps to Implement BTE

·         Selecting 00002213 process press SAMPLE function module button present on application tool bar.

·         Press COPY button

·         Copy the function module.

·         Necessary Code needs to be written in the source code of function module, taking the considerations of Imports, Exports etc parameters.


    Message 'You are not authorized to post the document' TYPE 'E'.

·         With this step BTE configuration is done.

Assigning BTE

·         Goto T-Code FIBF

·         Menu->Settings->Products->of a customer

·         Press New Entries and input a PRODUCT name and check ACTIVE checkbox which is very important to trigger BTE, if unchecked then this BTE will not be triggered.


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