Adding custom tab to the transaction VF01/VF02/VF03 Header detail screen

By Ugur Baris Turkeli , Istanbul

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Custom Tab to be added in the header detail

Step by step how can we add custom tab to the billing header detail;

In order to fulfill the requirement we need a custom subscreen with some custom fields in that screen.

Steps for creating the custom fields and adding them to the custom sub screen.

1. Creating the Custom fields

a) Create the Z fields to the table VBRK, by appending the structure.

b) Give a name to the structure for example ‘ZZVBRK_APPEND’. Enter the fields name which will you need.

Note: the added fields should follow the naming convention that they should start with ‘ZZxxxxx’ or ‘YYxxxxx’.

c) Save and activate.

2. Creating the z* program and its screen and adding the Z fields on layout.

a) Create a z*program using transaction SE38

give a name for example ZZBILLHEADER .

b) Create a screen using the transaction SE51.

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