Adding custom tab to the transaction VF01/VF02/VF03 Header detail screen


In the ‘cust_head_activate’ subroutine we have to activate TABSTRIP_TAB06  for customer header tab screen.

3. Steps to write the code in the enhancement spots.

a. First to find the enhancement spots click on the spiral icon in the menu bar, and next click on the edit à enhancement operations -à show implicit enhancement options.

You will see the arrows . Right click on the arrow line and click Enhancement implemantation >Create

4. Give a name for Enhancement point, for example ZZBILLHEADER_ACTIVATE_TAB

Click enter and save in a package.

To make use of this logic use enhancement frame work. We have enhancement spots at the begin/end of the subroutine.

5. Steps to write the code in the enhancement spots.

  GS_CUST_TAB-HEAD_CAPTION = 'ihracat Ek veriler'.”custom tab name
'ZZBILLHEADER'.”custom z* program
'0001'” custom z* program screen

Activate the enhancement and check in the VF01/ VF02/ VF03 you can find the custom tab with the custom fields. The Data automatically populates to the database table when the data is entered into the Z fields.

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