Implementing BADI for the transactions VL02 & MM02



To edit an implemented BADI the below portion is used. Click on the change button to edit the BADI. 


EXAMPLE: To change the description of a material in transaction MM02.  

Step 1:

Run the transaction SE24. Under object type put the class name ‘CL_EXITHANDLER’.

Click on display button. 


Under this class ‘CL_EXITHANDLER’ select the method ‘GET_INSTANCE’ and double click.


Under the method ‘GET_INSTANCE’ put break point on a function module called



Step 2: 

Then according to the requirement run the transaction. In this example transaction code is MM02.

Run the transaction MM02. As in 1st step we have putted a break point, that function module will give all BADI used by the transaction in each screen and activity on the application (MM02).  


Press F8 to get the BADI used.

BADI name before calling the main screen of MM02. 




Press enter to get into the details. 


BADI name after calling the main screen of MM02. 


Press enter to proceed.

Click here to continue...


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