Adding a Column Owner to an Appraisal Template in Performance Management Module (ECM) of SAP ABAP HR


Give the custom Business Add-In(BAdI) name (ZHRHAP00_COL_OWNER) with the filter value, where in the filter description is added as an Column Owner in the template.


The Interface tab consists of the methods to implement for getting the Column Owner


As mentioned above the two methods have got their significance to provide the requirement and the signature (Import and Export Parameters) of the methods are as below.



Please find below the code written for getting the column owner as ‘Manager and High Level Manager’.

This development is done in the method CHECK_COLUMN_OWNER to check when any users access the Appraisal document column; it will check whether the user is the Column Owner i.e. Manager and High Level Manager.

For the program code, click here.

Once the method implementation is completed then the custom Business Add-In (ZHRHAP00_COL_OWNER) need to be activated.

Once the above action is completed this particular enhancement will get applied for all the Appraisal Templates. And there will be an additional Column owner will be available in the list with the value ‘Manager and High Level Manager’.


This is the way the Column Owner will be added to the Appraisal Templates and same will be reflected when the Appraisal documents gets created and maintained. Now, based on the Column owner for a particular column the operations (Change/Display/Hide) will be provided on the document when the user accesses the document as a column owner (Ex. Manager and High Level Manager).

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