Infotypes with buttons and huge data fields stored in cluster tables



Save our entries. Click on the back button to go to the initial screen of PM01.

Click on ‘Technical Attributes’. Infotype list screen appears.

Click on ‘Change’ (pencil) button. It gives us a warning. Click on the green tick mark.

Click on ‘Position’ button and browse to our infotype. In our case it would be 9080.


Select our Infotype and click on ‘Detail’ (magnifying glass) button.

Give ‘T591A’ as subtype table.

Give ‘T591S’ as subtype txt tab.


Give our subtype field as subtype field if we want to keep subtypes in this infotype.

Save and come back to PM01 initial screen.

Now the Infotype is created and ready to use and is in its basic form. 

To see how infotype looks in its basic form, go to PA30, enter a personal number and give infotype number as 9050. 


Click on the   create button. Notice how the infotype looks in its basic form. 


Changing the labels of the fields, adding buttons and incorporating a sub screen which stores data in a cluster table 

Notice the red circle - We would need to change the texts of that field and we would create a button here which would call a sunscreen and data on this sunscreen would be stored.  

Go to PM01 again and give infotype number.

Now choose the Screen radio button. Click the edit button.  


On the next screen, which is the module pool screen, click on the change button.

Notice that we can change this program despite it being not starting with a 'Z' or a 'Y'. It is so because this is a custom infotype.

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