Procedure to configure change documents for Personnel Administration (PA) and Organization Management (OM) Infotypes


The changes made to an infotype are logged per field. You are free to choose which fields are to be logged. If you want to choose all fields of infotype maintain “*” in the Field Name as shown in above screenshot.

“Save” the table entries and go back to “HR documents: Field group characteristics” as mentioned in below screen shot

Now maintain the new entry as highlighted in below screenshot.

Now the system is ready to capture the Infotype 0008 changes, which can be identified by running the report RPUAUD00

Part2 - Configuring OM Infotype audit log

You can track changes to OM infotypes simply to ensure that everyone follows company guidelines, or to implement this feature as part of a corporate governance policy.

By configuring the table T77CDOC_CUST we can setup change documents for OM infotype.  

Additional notes:

You can display any changes made to OM infotype records with report Display Change Documents (RHCDOC_DISPLAY).  

Example: Further article explains how to configure audit log for Infotype 1000 (Object) for Plan version “01”, Object “O”.  

Go to transaction code SM30, enter the table name T77CDOC_CUST and click on maintain.  

Maintain the entries as shown below

Now make a change to any of the Org. Unit to check whether change document has been enabled or not.  

After making the changes to any of the Org. Unit run the report RHCDOC_DISPLAY using SE38 transaction code as shown below

Output of OM Infotype Log  

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