HCM Process and Forms - Drop Down List box with Round Trip


Save this Custom backend service “ZDROP_DOWN” in a workbench request as this is cross client table.

After saving come back to our Form scenario , in the hierarchy select the Back-End Service and select the “Functionality by BADI” button. You can see a screen like below. From this screen click on Create Implementation ICON button.

You will get an information screen like this; click the tick button to proceed. As we are going to implement the Basic BADIC HRASR00GEN_SERVICE_BASIC which is provided by standard.

Give the Enhancement Implementation name as “ZEH_DROP_DOWN”  and continue

Give the BADI implementation as “ZDROP_DOWN” and implementation class name as “ZCL_DROP_DOWN” and continue.

Now select the Filter val. and click on “Combination” button to create filter values for this BADI.

Select the Custom Backend- Service “ZDROP_DOWN” which we have created  and select the comparator value as “=” equal to.

Save and activate and come to the Tcode HRASR_DT.

From the Form scenario hierarchy select the Back-End Service and now give the custom service “ZDROP_DOWN” here and save the Form.

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