HCM Process and Forms - Drop Down List box with Round Trip


Select the Form Layout as ZCI layout save and activate the Form.

As of now ISR is not generated in the Form Scenario, the New Fields that we have created in the Process will not affected here.  So we need to re-generate the ISR and activate the Adobe form, so that we will get the new fields Personnel area and Subarea here.

Go back and Generate the ISR and now re-activate the adobe form. We can see the new-fields that we have created.



Design the Adobe forms as show below. I have selected the Dropdown control from ISR Controls with “ISR DDL No Preselect ion” . also I have done the binding with the respective fields as shown below 

For Binding the drop-down values we need to consider that we also need to provide the Specify Item values binding like this.

For the Items, the value should be like this $record.sap-vhlist.I0001_WERKS\.DATA\.FIELD. Item[*]

Similarly do the same for Personnel Subarea. $record.sap-vhlist.I0001_BTRTL\.DATA\.FIELD. Item[*]

Select the Personnel Area Drop down and write the script  for round trip action needs to trigger as explained in the SAP help document.  Save and activate the Form and come back to Form scenario.

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