Overview on Feature (HCM)


Maintaining the decision tree:                                    

You can maintain the decision tree in tree maintenance and in table maintenance.  

Figure 3 illustrates the tree maintenance with various processing

Functions, including create, change, or delete. Maintenance of tables occurs directly.

Figure 3: The Decision Tree  

The following operations are available for tree and table maintenance.  

Figure 4: Various operations  

1)       Return operations: This operation defines the return values of the feature.  

2)       Decision operation: you can use decision operations to query the contents of a field or a decision structure. You can also query in sections with offset and length and use smaller than (<), greater than (>) and equals to (=).  

3)       Next operation: You can only use next operations in table maintenance.  

4)       Sub feature operation: The sub feature operation calls an additional feature. Processing continues with this feature.  

5)       Debugging operations.

       You use the BREAK operation to access the user-dependent debugging mode  for troubleshooting purposes. This operation is structured as follows:           BREAK=<username>.  

6)       Error operations.

Operation ERROR does not transmit any back value. Instead, error status 2 is set.   Error status 2 displays a constellation that is not permitted in the decision tree.

7)       Program operations: if evaluations become too complex or if more data is needed, you can also call an ABAP routine in a customer specific subroutine pool. The pool must contain a subprogram called EXT_CALL_F (for field return) or EXT_CALL_T (for table return). The subprograms must be populating the return value BACK or BACK_TAB. In addition, you can set STATUS to 2 if an error occurs.

 The following code is generated at activation and saved under the name

 Example /1PAPA/FEAT800Z0006

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