Update Infotype 0041 Using Advance Generic Service


On clicking on create button you will get another popup as shown below. Give the Enhancement implementation name as “ZEH_ADVANCE_SERVICE” and give a meaning full description and continue. It will prompt you to save the object. Save the object and it will open another popup window.  

Give the BADI implementation name, Implementation class name and from the drop down select HRASR00GEN_SEVICE_ADVANCED and continue. Save the object in the respective package.  

Now it will open the Enhancement implementation screen and here we can see the list of BADI’s we have implemented.

Now create Filter for this BADI as show below. Give the Values as “ZCUST_SERVICE” and Comparator1 value “=” and click on tick mark. Save and Activate the Object.

Now come back to the process and form screen and add the new service which we have created earlier as shown below and save it.

As of now we have implemented the advanced generic service where we can write our custom code to update in Infotypes using the “FLUSH” method as show in the below screen.   

In order to bring the values from the process and forms (Adobe Forms) to this class ZCL_UPDATE_IT0041, we also need to implement the standard Basic Generic Service “HRASR00GENERIC_SERVICES” which will triggered the DO_OPERATION method and get the Adobe Form field values to this class when we do the Check and Send button during run time.

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