Update Infotype 0041 Using Advance Generic Service


To Create the BASIC Generic Service, go to the Tcode SE19 and give the Enhancement Implementation name as ZEH_ADVANCE_SERVICE and click on change mode.

Click create icon and you will see a popup button to create the basic service implementation as shown below. Select the BADI Definition name as “HRASR00GEN_SERVICE_BASIC”. Give the BADI name as ZBADI_BASIC_SERVICE and select the class ZCL_UPDATE_IT0041 which we have already created for Advance Generic Service.  

Double click the implementing class and give the name as ZCL_UPDATE_IT0041 and click on Change button.  

In the class ZCL_UPDATE_IT0041, add the interface IF_HRASR00GEN_SERVICE. Save and activate the Class and come back to the implementation.  

Give the Filter values similarly how we did for Advance service as shown below.

Now save and activate the implementation. Here we can see the new method which is highlighted belongs to BASIC Service.  

Create a global variable in the attribute tab of the class ZCL_UPDATE_IT0041 for getting the values in FLUSH Method for Updating the infotype IT0041.  

Implement the Following methods in this class ZCL_UPDATE_IT0041 and write the following code.  

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