How to refine a HCM Process and display the HCM Form in the browser from MSS


Write down the code here to refine the form processes as shown below:  

* Refine the Form Process
DELETE process_starts where process NE 'ZTEST'.  

·         Activate your work.  

·         Now create a WD4A application for WD4A Component “Z_TRY_COMPLETE” as “Z_TRYCOMPLETE” and pass the Window name as “ASR_PROCESS_EXECUTE” in the Interface View & Plug name as “DEFAULT”.  

Also pass the parameters to the WD application as below:    

Now the enhancement for “Complete” button has been created. When User selects the Complete Radio button and the user click CONTINUE button. Then it will open an external window if the status is unsuccessful.  

Test Web dynpro functionality for the Process:  

Please refer to the below screenshots to test the WD4A functionality on Complete button, when status is unsuccessful:  

Open the Portal link and go to the Talent Management > Performance Management under MSS as shown below:


It will now open the below screen:  

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