Creation of Generic services in HCM Forms and Processes


9.     Enter the BADI implementation, implementation class and select SERVICE_BASIC as BADI definition.

10.  Save once again in the required package.

11.  The below screen will appear. Open the node at the left had side.

12.  Select the filter value, select the create filter combination button.

13.   Double click the entry.

14.  Enter the service name and choose the comparator and press enter  

15.  Then navigate to “Implementing Class” and click on “Change” Class button.

16.   There will be 6 methods provided by SAP.

17.  If you want to use already existing fields on the form, add them in the method “GET_SPECIAL_FIELDS”.

18.  The custom fields can be added in the method “GET_FIELD_INFO”.

19.  To specify the operations to be performed on an event, “GET_OPERATIONS” method can be used.

20.  To initialize the fields which you have defined in the generic service “INITIALIZE” method can be used.

21.  To perform operations “DO_OPERATIONS” method can be used.

22.  To define value help “GET_HELP_VALUE” method can be used.

23.   “GET_FIELD_INFO” method is used to add fields which can be later used in the form.

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