Creating and designing HR Forms


Click on the green tick mark and it takes us to the following screen: 

Let us take a look at the HR Form tab: 


It shows the form class which is PAYSLIP Remuneration in our case, and it shows METANET as SAP Standard Metanet. SAP provides a default metanet which contains HR data in various metastars and metadimensions. In Layout, we can choose SAP Smartform or Form Builder. In our case we would choose form builder and make the forms with Adobe interactive forms.  

The Form builder is the Adobe Interactive form interface and here we would not do much of coding but design the form and values would be automatically populated by the self generated driver program. Had we chosen the smartform option, there is little coding required to be done in smartform’s global definition à initialization part, apart from the self generated driver program.  The Adobe based forms have a prerequisite is that we must have Adobe Live Server installed on our machine and we have required authorizations for the same. 

Currently, the ABAP dictionary structure, SAP form and print program are all inactive.

Creating Adobe based HR form: 

On the main screen of HR Forms creation, in the HR forms tab, choose Form Builder in the layout structure and from Metanet dropdown, choose SAP default metanet which is the default metanet available for us. We can create our own metanets and even inherit them from standard SAP default metanet by using the t code HRFORMS_METADATA. 


From form class, it is ‘Remuneration Statement’ already chosen. It is for PAYROLL type HR FORM which we chose while we began the HR form creation.

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