Creating and designing HR Forms


We can rename or delete any infostar or infodimension. 




We can even do the selection on our infodimensions. Infodimensions, like metadimensions contain key fields and attributes and we can give selection criteria in order to fetch the required set of data. E.g. suppose, in our wagetype infodimension, under pay_result infonet, we want to show only wagetype 1001, we can do this by choosing the selection criteria of the infodimension: 

For this, we click on the infodimension and then click on the insert selection button,  and we give the wage type as ‘1001’ in the selection box.

Form Design and Layout:

Now, after selecting the metastars and metadimensions which we require in our form and dragging them into our infonet, we click on the layout button on the top.  

As we press the layout button, it starts generating the form structure in the data dictionary according to the object we dragged in the infonet and takes us to the Adobe interactive form screen, which is the same screen as t code SFP. It takes us to the context tab of adobe form initially.

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