Creating and designing HR Forms


It creates the adobe form interface with the data we chose in the infonet before and includes all the infodimensions available there within structures starting with DIM and STAR.  Basically this is all the data available to us for the form.  On the left hand side is the Import interface which contains the import structures in the type hrdata and on the right hand side is the form context which have all the structures having all structures under type hrforms. Note that all the structures along with type hrdata from the import interface have been dragged to the context area and they are all locked. We can see the fields available to us by expanding the tree under the context node. If we do not want some of the data in our form, we can still deactivate that particular locked structure in the context area by right clicking and deactivating it. We can’t delete the structures in the context as they are all locked.

Now, click on the properties tab and we see the following screen:

Initially, in the layout type, it is <unknown type> chosen over there. Click on the dropdown and choose the Standard Layout. 

Now click on the layout tab, which would take us to the design part of the interactive form.  

Here, we can drag and drop the fields available in the data view and work with their formatting and create tabular outputs with positioned or followed types:


It is better if we put a ‘followed’ table in a new subform as it would contain random number of rows at runtime and it might even overflow if it is not included in a subform.  We design our form as per our requirements and then activate the same.  

After that, click on back button and it would take us to the ‘Change HRForm’ screen. Click on the  button over there to completely activate the form.


Now, we see that the driver program, the ABAP structure and the SAP Smart form name, all three are active and status of the form is also active.

Now, in order to test our form, click on the back button and it takes us to the first screen of the HRFORMS t code – HR Forms Workplace where we see all the HRFORMS available. Choose our form and click on the execute   button.

We see the following screen. Make the necessary inputs and click on the execute  button.  

Click on the print preview button and there we see the output of our HRFORM:


Hence we are done with creating and designing the HR Forms!!

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