Upload photo/ image against particular personnel number in HR master data in custom info type


Ø  STEP 6:

Click Technical search and then click execute button.

Ø  STEP 7:

Enter Personnel number and info type. Click on Enter button.


Select your record and click on display button.

Below screen is displayed.

Ø  STEP 8:

Click on Reassign document button.

Click on Enter.

OUTPUT: As shown storage parameters are updated after reassigning the document

Use recording for Steps 6 to 8 – for mass upload of images providing the input PERNR and Info type number to input parameter SAPOBJECTID on selection screen.  

Ø  Verification:

Navigate to transaction code PA30 (tcode). To check the image id uploaded or not for particular personnel number. Click on Display button.

OUTPUT: Image on right top has been uploaded.


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