Creation of Custom Infotype with multiple Subtypes


Now click on position and enter the infotype no 9900 (this screen is maintenance screen for table T777D).  


Select Infotype 9900 and click on Details button.


Now pass Subtype field, Subtype Table and Subtype table text details in next screen and save it.


After saving come back to PM01 screen.  

Now need to maintain the Subtype field for Infotype 9900 in table V_T591A.  Execute T code SM31 and enter the infotype 9900 in pop up box.  


Click on New Entries and maintain two subtypes.



Save the values.  

Now infotype 9900 is ready to use. To have a first look, go to transaction code PA30.  

Execute transaction code for any employee and enter the Infotype no as 9900. Now press F4 on Subtype. It will show you the available subtypes for the corresponding Infotype.  

Now Select any of the Subtype and click on Create button. Next Screen will display all the data fields.  

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