Creating a custom Metanet


Step 07: Mapping of the MetaDimension must be done after creation of all Metafields. After just clicking on the MetaDimension on the right hand side bottom of the screen mapping can be done.

In the first tab MetaDimension give the table name form which data need to populate.  



On the MetaFields tab map the table fields with the Metafields. For identifying key fields and attributes just double click on the first column.  

Here Is the example first three fields BEGDA, ENDDA & PERNR are key fields that will be used for fetching data, where as rest all fields are attribute.  

Step 08: Create a new MetaStar, click on the create button of the MetaStar column. Give the custom MetaStar name starting with ‘Z’ and description.


For example: Name: ZINFOTYPE9308

                   Description: Infotype 9308  

Just drag and drop all MetaFigures & MetaDimensions form the MetaFigures and MetaDimensions column to the custom MetaStar.  


Step 09: When all required MetaFigures & MetaDimensions are inserted under then custom MetaStar then map the fields, on the right hand side of the screen. In the first MetaStar give type as Master Data & Infotype name.  

Go to tab MetaFields, then map Metafields (here only Key MetaFields will be displayed) with the infotype fields.

Go to tab MetaFigures and Map Metafigure  with the fields of Infotype and also the unit field of the infotype.

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