Change Employee data using PA30


Skip Communication IT Subtype 0001 (SAP User Name). No Change in that. 


Skip Communication IT Subtype MAIL (Email). No Change in that. 


So in case you needed to change Credit Card data delimit the old one and then save the new data in next screen. 


Delimit the record.

Enter new Credit Card Number and SAVE for Communication Subtype (0011). 


There was a change in Gross Average Monthly Salary Communication Subtype 0009 (Salary). Enter the new value and SAVE. 


There was a change in BAND. Communication Subtype 0008 (Band/Grade).

Enter the new value and SAVE. 


No change in CDID Communication Subtype CDID (Screen Name). Skip forward. 


Enter the new values in IT PA0315 (Time Sheet Details). Save the data. 


As this was the last infotype in our case; the change process was complete. You can go to PA10 and see the changed and delimited values.

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