How to create File layout using Transaction PU12


a.     Assigning Constant value to the field.

To Create Structure field, Place the cursor on ‘Structure’ Hit  ‘create’ (F5).  


Below Example explains defining field content using Constant Value

Give Field name (Given as ‘HOF’ –Header of file) and field length and Content is  constant.

Filed value would be like below.

b. Assigning dynamic value to the filed.

 For Block ‘FILL_STRUCTURE’, create Structure IT0001 and Create Structure field ‘IT0001_PERNR’.  

 Below Example Explains defining Dynamic value for field.  


Give Reference field like below for ‘PERNR’.  

Current entry makes sure that the record is active and value would be look like below.

C. Assigning User-Exit to the filed.

Before assigning User –Exit to a field, Ensure that the program and Routine should exist .We can create a program through the TCODE: SE38 and maintain a routine in the same program and use the program and routine as shown inthe example.

Ex: Create a field IT0001_ENDDAin the ‘FILL_STRUCTURE ‘.

Here transferred values are to be used as Formal parameters in the routine ‘GET _DATUM’.

In the transferred values we can use Info type structure fields also from info types used in the Interface format (ex: P0000, P0001 etc.).

We can give maximum 15 import parameters in the above screen .Form should be like shown in example code below.  

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