How to create File layout using Transaction PU12


Now in the above screen for field ‘IT0001-ENDDA ‘user exit is defined .example code is attached below.

*  -->  p1        text
*  <--  p2        text
FORM GET_DATUM using l_value
changing returning.

select * from t549q where permo = '01'.
MOVE-CORRESPONDING t549q to gt_t549q.
append gt_t549q.
Loop at gt_t549q where pabrj = l_value1 and pabrp = l_value.
returning = gt_t549q-endda.

Above form shows 15 formal import parameters, and one changing parameter.

Here returning value would be file output value .based on requirement we can import values and can change the changing parameter value.

Now the file layout would be like below.

How to execute/Run PU12 Interface.


SAP Documentation will be available for ‘Export options ‘(Check with f1.)

5 Export files are available and while defining a node we can give the Export file name.

In below screen out put file is main export file.

‘Append to export files’ will you option to add the output of the multiple runs to same file .’Display log’ will display the History like below.

How to download Results into text file:  

Target system can be Application server also.

In TemSe Object, hit F4.and select Option shown below.

Select the latest TemSe file like below.

And execute it .This will create a text file on your system, which will contain all the results.

How to delete previous runs results:

We can select multiple rows and Click on Delete.

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