PU12 - Interface Tool Box in SAP HR


5. It Prompts for Main program and Includes .Click on ‘Suggest Values’ it will propose Main program and Includes.

Interface format would be look like below:

Choose all the required fields  and remove all other fields, this will be useful in the overall runtime of the interface and reducing the fields will be good in troubleshooting and debugging, as the code generated will fetch data for all the fields that are included here  .

Double click on the field  and click the delete button to remove them:

Below is the reduced info type structure after deleting BEGDA and ENDDA.

Click the Icon https://weblogs.sdn.sap.com/weblogs/images/251820818/image012.jpg to specify which entries to be picked.

All Radio buttons are self -Explanatory.

Click on   


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