PU12 - Interface Tool Box in SAP HR


All Attributes are explained in SAP Documentation (give F1 in any checkbox for Documentation).

Click on icon  to see the Export program.

We can filter filed values. Place the cursor on filed and click on Filter.


After  filtering, find filter symbol for the field like below.

On field level Click on Icon https://weblogs.sdn.sap.com/weblogs/images/251820818/image014.jpg (Conversions). Conversions are Useful to define a constant value or table Value or User exit (will be a routine to implement logic).  

a. Constant Conversion :

This Option is used to convert the value of a particular field to constant value and will be provided in a table Format. Here Example is constant conversion Files STAT2 in info type 0000.

Continue, Below Example  is only for the sake of learning .


Find the icon for the field after Constante value conversion is defined.


2. Table value conversion

To perform this operation, Place the cursor on the field  Click - ’Conversions’- conversions  from application toolbar, choose ‘Table value’ and continue.  

Enter the table name and field name as given below and continue.  


User exit Coversion:



Program name and form routine should defined before itself. Logic in the form is dependent on requirement.

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