HCM Process and Forms - Tutorial Part 1

By Philip Johnston

Create: Form Scenario: ZFS6, Process: ZPR6, Form: Z_ISR_FORM_ZFS6, Backend Service: SAP_PA

Example: Read I.T. 0001

Use a customizing client.

This is a very basic HCM Process and Forms scenario which uses the PA model and reads one additional InfoType 0001 field for displaying on the form.

Step 1:

Call Up Transaction: HRASR_DT and select Form Scenario from the drop down

Enter ZFS6 for the Form Scenario name and hit enter:

You will be prompted to create the object.  Select “Yes” and supply the ISR Scenario and Form name.

Select the Green Check button and you will be prompted to create the form and interface:

Select “Yes” and supply the package name and transport number you wish to assign to.

Step 2:

Now click on Fields to see which fields have automatically been added from the PA Framework:

These are the basic PA fields which get added to all PA Process and Form scenarios.  We need to add more fields so they are available to our form process.  Add the following Field:

Field Name:      ENAME

Name:               Employee Name

Data Binding:    EMNAM

We now need to add this field to our Back-End Service SAP_PA.  Double Click on Back-End Services -> SAP_PA -> Fields:


Add the following Field information and hit enter:  

Field Name:      ENAME

Name:               Employee Name

InfoType:          0001

ScreenStruct:    HCMT_BSP_PA_US_R0001

Field Name:      ENAME

We want to default in the employee’s name into the ENAME field.  To do this, double click the column “Default” on the ENAME row.  The following popup displays:

Select the SAP_PA row and select “CUR” – Value for effective date:


Selecting the “CUR” option tells the SAP System to read the selected employee’s current infotype 0001 record and display the value stored in ENAME.  

Step 3:

Now let’s create an Adobe form which we can use to display the ENAME value we have defined.  

Double Click “Form” and you will see our form name and status:

Select the “Change” icon (Pencil) next to our form name.  This will launch the Adobe LifeCycle Designer.  The first thing we need to do is select the “Context” tab and map our field ENAME from the Interface to the Form.

Drag ENAME and drop onto our form name Z_ISR_FORM_ZFS6.  Result:

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