HCM Process and Forms - Tutorial Part 1


Now switch back to the layout tab so you are in the designer mode.  The first thing you should do: from the Utilities menu, choose Insert Web Dynpro Script:

This will include a file into your project (ContainerFoundation_JS) which includes lots of JavaScript used by the Process and Forms framework.  

From the Object Library Palette, drag an “ISR Text Display” onto your form.  The “ISR Text Display” object can be found in the ISR Native Controls section:


We now have this object on our form:


Double Click the text to change it to something appropriate:


Now from the Data View tab, we need to find the ENAME data element and drag it (BIND) onto the “ISR Text Display” object we just created.   

Locate ENAME in the Data View Tab:


Drag the lowest element “FIELD” from ENAME and drop it onto your “ISR Text Display” object.  To verify that binding is correct, you can select your display object and look at the binding properties:


This completes our very basic form. Save and activate. You should be prompted to activate both the form and the interface.


Exit the form and you will be returned back to the configuration of your form Scenario.  You will now notice that your Form Status displays active:

Step 4:

So far we have created a Form Scenario and a Form.  Now we need to create a process.  Open Design Time for Processes and Forms - Transaction: HRASR_DT.  Select Process and enter ZPR6.  Press enter and you will be prompted to create it. It will then ask for you form scenario ZFS6.

In the object hierarchy, double click the root node for ZPR6.  Select the checkbox “Permit Parallel Run”.  This will allow running the same WF for the same employee in parallel – good during testing.  Also, the Process Name is what the portal uses to alphabetically order and the Process Description is what will show in the portal for users to select.  Leaving the Process name as ZPR6 will put the process at the bottom of the process selection list.

In the object hierarchy, double click the workflow node.  Enter NO_WORKFLOW since we are not using WF at this time – that will come later.  Press enter and save your changes.

Now is a good time to test.  You can either logon to the portal and select your process or launch directly using:  

http://yourserver.com/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/asr_process_execute?sap-client=<your client #>&sap-language=EN  


Search for an employee:  

Choose Select Process and you will see your process in the list:

Select your process and choose “Edit”.  The form will load and ENAME will be displayed:

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