HCM Process and Forms - Tutorial Part 2


Since we are performing a change on Infotype 0006, we need to inform the Back-End Service: SAP_PA.  Double Click “Infotypes and Operations” and add infotype 0006, subtype 4 as a change operation.

We have now completed all the needed steps in configuration to allow adding address fields for subtype 4 onto our form.  Double Click “Form” under your scenario:

Choose “Change” (Pencil) to edit your form:

This will launch the Adobe LifeCycle Designer.  The first thing we need to do is select the “Context” tab and see if our new fields are mapped from the Interface to the Form.  If not, drag them over.

Now switch back to the layout tab so you are in the designer mode.  From the Object Library Palette, drag the “ISR Text Edit” object onto your form.  We will need 8 of these.  The “ISR Text Edit” object can be found in the ISR Native Controls section:

After adding these objects, your form should look like:


Now from the Data View tab, we need to find the new fields we created from I.T. 0006 and add the data element by dragging it (BINDING) onto the “ISR Text Edit” objects we just created.  Drag the lowest element “FIELD” from your fields and drop it onto your “ISR Text Edit” objects.  To verify that binding is correct, you can always select your display object and look at the binding properties.  Remember to also update the texts for each field.  When complete, it should look like:  


Save and activate your form.  Activate both the interface and form:  


Exit the form designer and return to your process configuration.  

Now is a good time to test.  You can either logon to the portal and select your process or launch directly using:  

http://yourserver.com/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/asr_process_execute?sap-client=<your client #>&sap-language=EN  

My Form Displays:

Note: Data was retrieved because data was already stored for this employee.  Try changing some of the data to see how the changes are saved to the backend.  To do this, select the “Check and Send” button.

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