Payslip through PE51 - adding custom fields from info types


Next, make the entry of table p0032, field KFZKZ as shown.  

As we click on the green tick mark, the field adds up in our payslip on desired location.  


Similarly add all the fields you want to show in the payslip output. Now, Lets take a look at info type 32 of say an employee – 2007:  


The License Plate Number is 111111. Now let’s run the payroll by using t code PC00_M40_CEDT. Give the values as shown and click on the execute button.  

As we run the payslip program, we see the following output, which is according to our requirement.  

Important – If you want to check the payslip of any employee or bring it on to your Smart form, you can use FM ‘GET_PAYSLIP’.  Go to SE37 and give fm name as ‘get_payslip’. Click on display.

Click on execute and give the following values as shown:  


Following is the output:


Double click on . Hence we see the output of the generated payslip:  

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