Printing remuneration statement (Pay slips) using HR Forms


Ø  Background

The form background contains information that is printed in the same position in the form and does not vary. For example, the company’s address, Logo of the company and others.

The form background is set up using lines. You must define all lines in a form. This means that lines containing only individual fields or windows need to be defined as blank lines on the form background. In our case, once the form IN01 is copied to ZN02. Go to the change mode of the form ZN02. The screen would look like the one below. Remove / Add the extra lines as per the requirement. 


Use page up / page down and forward / backward buttons to view the rest of the page. After making changes to the form as per required, it would look like the one below


Ø  Text Modules

These are the individual fixed texts that have to appear on the form. These can be the description of the fields, which appear on the pay slip like Name, ID, Pay period etc… For creating the text modules, from the initial screen of PE51, select the radio button text modules and click on change. Add each of them as shown below. 


Ø  Single Fields

These contain information that is always printed in the same position but can vary. For example, on the pay slip the Employee ID, name, department, Location, Bank Account number and so on will change from employee to employee. So these are to be kept in single fields. The text modules created above should also be placed using the single fields. Placing a field on the form is simple. From the initial screen of PE51, select the radio button Single field and click on change. Now place the cursor at the position where you want to add a single field. For example, if you want to add the text module ‘Name’ on the form. Place the cursor at that position and double click at that position. You can find a pop-up as follows: 


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