Printing remuneration statement (Pay slips) using HR Forms


Select the radio button Text Module, take the F4 help and select the text, which you want to place. You can specify the output length of it if required.

Now if you have to place a field from the table P0001 against the text ‘Name’. Follow the same procedure. But in the pop-up select the radio button Table field and give the table name and field to consider as in the screen shot below.


In the same way, as per required place the other fields also on the form. Finally it would appear like the one below: 


Ø  Window

An HR form can contain more than one window. A window is a particular area within a form.

Information in a window is only printed on the form if there is a value in the data record at the

time of evaluation. The quantity of information can vary, depending on whether or not the required information exists at the time of the evaluation. For example, values for a wage type may exist in the payroll result for one personnel number but not for other. If the information was printed in a individual field, the form would therefore be printed with gaps. To avoid this, this type of information is usually printed in a window. 

In order to align the windows on the form, from the initial screen of PE51, select the radio button Window and click on change. Right Click on the form and select the option window overview. And set the positions as required. After setting the window positions it would look like the one below:

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