Printing remuneration statement (Pay slips) using HR Forms


After positioning the windows, double click on each window to see the window group which comes as a pop-up as this:


The above screen shot is for the Window 1 i.e., Earnings window. If you double Click on Group – 01, we can see the different fields, which have to be populated in this window. For the Earnings window the following fields are added. The user can add additional fields or can remove unnecessary fields from this. The screen shot of these fields would look like the one below: 


Follow the same procedure for rest of the windows too.  

The report ‘HINCEDT0’ can be executed to see the output of this R/3 form. The output of this would look like this.


This R/3 form is being used by smart form ‘HR_ESS_PAYSLIP_TO_PDF’ to convert the output in PDF format. The standard smart form ‘HR_ESS_PAYSLIP_TO_PDF’ is copied to ‘ZHR_ESS_PAYSLIP_TO_PDF’ and the main window is adjusted so that the data in the form gets fixed into it properly. To see the output of PDF form ‘ZHR_ESS_PAYSLIP_TO_PDF’, use transaction ‘PZ11_PDF’. You can only execute this transaction from SE93 since it’s an Easy web transaction. Finally, the output in the PDF format would be as follows: 


  The prerequisites to achieve this scenario:

  • The form ZN02 created above should be attached to the report ‘HINCEDT0’.
  • HR master data should be maintained in the system.
  • If we want to report on the payroll Results then we should make sure that the Payroll should be completed successfully.
  • One should know which data is required to create the form, and also must know which SAP
  • System tables are used to store the data.
  • If the data is stored in customer tables or info types, it means data is maintained in the metadata.

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